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 [EN] To ride a horse does not only mean to guide a horse but to control his every movement. The guided horse should be willingly guided and under control without showing any form of resistance. Every movement without initiative should be seen as a lack of control. Every movement that derails from the given pattern is also seen as lack or temporary loss of control and is seen as a mistake that will takes the score down depending on the level of deviation. After taking into account all errors, the execution of a pattern and the overall performance of the horse, points must be given for the softness, the finesse, the posture, the speed and the authority with which the various movements are executed, at controlled speed, which increases the difficulty and makes it more exciting and pleasant for an audience.


The assosiation

[EN] The national reining horse association is a non-profit organisation that dedicates itself to the promotion of the reining sport. The organisation was founded to promote the showing of reining horses by distributing prize money , for which can be competed around the world, by developing a standard - method under which all competitions take place. And by introducing themselves as a forum for breeders and trainers.

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